“Into Thin Air” review

Auxiliary Out has posted a nice review of my tape “Into Thin Air”:

I’ve been hearing a lot about Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal as he’s had releases on such illustrious labels as Stunned and Tape Drift among others, and now I finally get to hear him. The multi-tracked guitar affair of the title track kicks off the tape. The track has a dark shimmer like the artwork. It’s harmonious though not particularly melody-driven but Brandal does a good job creating atmosphere with a relatively standard mode of guitar playing (muted strumming and single-note lines.) It ends on a cool rattling rhythm too. “The Whispering Gallery” plucks bass notes over a continuous, though shifting, guitar drones. There’s a nice interplay between the drones and melody, as the piece gently veers back and forth between tonality and strained semi-atonality. Like the piece before it, it ends on an interesting loop of a cricket-sounding device among other things….

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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