Recommendations #6

Recent listening:

Mike Payne – “Breakdown City” 3″ CD-R, Roil Noise
Fouke/Is/The Rita/Vomir – “HNW” LP, Urashima
Sewer Election – “Vidöppna Sår” LP, Pan
Taklamakan – “Crna Sluz” CD-R, Drô6n Records
Wether/Vales/Roped Off – “Pure Isolation” Tape, 2:00AM Tapes
Memento Mori – s/t Tape, self released
Smrznik – “Welcome To the Standrd Nightmare” Tape, Zvukovina
Gate – “The Dew Line” CD, TOTE
Tidal – “Hyperlight” Tape, 2:00AM Tapes
Macronympha – “Baroque” Tape, Mother Savage
Afterlife – “Ashen Reflecion” Tape, Dial Square
Derek Rogers, “Circum_Navigate” 3″ CD-R, Kendra Steiner
Rambutan – “Incidences” Tape, Digitalis

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