Recommendations #5

What I’ve been listening to lately:

Rambutan – “Narrow Sky” Tape, GNS
It’s A Lunken – s/t CD, Sound Devastation
The Rita/Toby Dammit/Fecalove – “Collaboration” Tape, Turgid Animal It.
Karst – “The Blood Moon Lands” CD-R, Small Doses
Josh lay – “Worm Terrain” Tape, Husk
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – “Doom Mantra” LP, Gnarled Forest
Nihilist Assault Group & Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – “Planned Obsolescence / Obsolete” LP, Gnarled Forest
Xiphiidae – “Iiustus / Transresonance Formation” Tape, Stunned
Ennio Mazzon – “The Possibility Of Joy” Download, Resting Bell
Teeth Collection – “fNs031” CD-R, For Noise’s Sake
Erekta – “3210” CD-R, self released
Ivs Primae Noctis / Splinter vs. Stalin – Split, Trips Und Traume
Roped Off / Picaso Trigger – Split Tape, 905 Tapes
N.STRAHL.N -“Neue Sachlichkeit” – CD-R, LSDR

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