Recommendations #4

Many great releases lately! Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to the most:

Vikomt – “Twilight Visions” CD-R, Mars Pyramid
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – “No Words” Tape, Land Of Decay
Namazu Dantai – “Nocturnal Veils” Tape, No Visible Scars
Corpse Candle – “Into Dust” Tape, 02:00AM Tapes
Gnaw Their Tongues “Tsutomu Miyazaki” Tape, Hell Lies In Others
Afterlife – “Ashen Reflection” Tape, Dial Square Tapes
Hoor-paar-Kraat – “Handy Feet” Tape, Peasant Magik
Battistelli/Pica/Vinciguerra – “Diotrio” Tape, Turgid Animal It.
Panyoba – “Panyobisna” Tape, Turgid Animal It.
Macronympha – “Baroque” Tape, Mother Savage
Andrew Coltrane – “Adieu Mon Cherie” Tape, Beartown
Vestigal Limb – “Velo-Dog Dissuader” Tape, 02:00AM Tapes
Vomir – “L’Homme Sature” LP, At War With False Noise

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