Recommendations #3

Xiphiidae – “Maps In Exodus” (Tape, NNA)
White Dog – “Retribution” (Tape, Prairie Fire)
Pedestrian Deposit – “Austere” (CD, Monorail Trespassing)
Namazu Dantai / Baculum – Split (Tape, Phage)
Afterlife – “Ashen Reflection” (Tape, Dial Square)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – “Doom Mantra” (LP, Doom Mantra)
Baculum – “Debris” (Tape, Phage)
Susann Korda – s/t (Tape, H Series)
Seagull – “A Thousand Keys” (Tape, Dead Audio Tapes)
Crown Of Teeth – “Licking The Face Of That Black Dog” (Tape, Not on label)
Solars – “Mist” (Tape, Prairie Fire)
Lychgate / Ashes – “As Above, So Below” (Tape, Dead Medium)

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