“Reverse the Night” review in Wonderful Wooden Reasons

My LP on Droehnhaus, “Reverse the Night” gets a great review in Wonderful Wooden Reasons. This is a fanzine run by Ian Holloway with whom I did a split tape on AghartA last year.

Andreas Brandal – Reverse The Night
(Droehnhaus DRH#08)
Attentive readers will know that late last year in my other guise as a musician I shared a split album with Andreas on Lithuanian label AghartA Tapes which, due to my involvement, was ineligible for inclusion in these here pages – I can’t really review myself after all. So, it’s nice to finally be able to lay before you the very fine music that this gentleman makes.
Reverse the Night, as the title and the solid black of the sleeve implies is a melancholic and introspective listen that plumbs the depths of the dustiest, dankest catacombs of Andreas’ mind. Side one is the more overtly bleak of the two although the flip isn’t exactly a summer’s day skip through a wheat field. It does however have a distinctly psychedelic edge to it’s austere ambience. Although it must be noted that this is the ambience of a distinctly lonely and forlorn form of psychedelia filled with amorphous malformed melodies and abyssal throbbing hues. It really is quite beautiful.
Late night music for late night minds.

Check out Wonderful Wooden Reasons HERE.

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