Debut from Museums Of Sleep

Museums Of Sleep

Museums Of Sleep is a HNW project by myself and Cole Peters.

This is our debut tape, fresh out from Prairie Fire.

They say:

Norwegian powerhouse Andreas Brandal (self-titled work, Flesh Coffin, Drevne Bolesti, Twilight Luggage, etc…) and Cole Peters (Gomeisa, Prairie Fire Tapes) collaborate to create MUSEUMS OF SLEEP.

Found on this first release taking stylistic cues from the filmography of the Brothers Quay, Museums of Sleep offers up highly textural harsh noise walls, full of complex subtleties and abrasive electronics.

The self-titled C32 lets loose two 8-minute walls on Side A, each letting Brandal and Peters stretch their muscles individually before the massive collaborative B-side. The 16-minute flip sees the pair fusing two 16 minute walls of noise together into one explosive collision of sound. Intelligent, overwhelming, and a must-have for HNW fanatics.

Visit Prairie Fire for sound samples and more HERE.

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