Flesh Coffin – “In the Woods”

"In the Woods"

A brand new Flesh Coffin tape titled “In the Woods” is out now on 2:00AM Tapes. They present the release like this:

Norwegian noise veteran Andreas Brandal has been putting shit out since the early 90’s. Which means he’s been doing this shit since I was in second grade. On this c30, he goes under the guise of Flesh Coffin and lays down two hefty side-longers. Side 1 is a torrential down-pouring of metal studs, pipes, and various other dangerous shit you wouldn’t want to be caught standing under without an umbrella. And by umbrella, I mean concrete bunker. Side 2 is machines dying in a pool of tree sap. Limited to 35 copies.

Visit 2:00AM Tapes HERE.

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