Collaboration with Federico Barabino

Brandal / Barabino

Test Tube has now released a collaboration album between yours truly and Federico Barabino. Here’s what the label says about it:

«’Untitled’ is the first collaborative work between norwegian Andreas Brandal and argentinian Federico Barabino. Brandal on electronics and Barabino on prepared electric guitar. Both of them have a vast background of working with improvised music, which is precisely what you will listen to in this work.
All audio material was recorded between October 2008 and January 2009, and consists on 10 tracks of Brandal’s manipulation techniques using various electronic tools, both analogue and digital, over several improvised guitar pieces taped by Barabino in Buenos Aires.

All the pieces have numbers as titles, which have no particular meaning, as they all are random attempts at eviscerating guitar samples, through drone, glitch and noise manipulation.

You’ll find pretty much sonic chaos here, but it’s lovely chaos in all its glory.»
– Pedro Leitão

The album is free to download! Check it out HERE.

Visit Federico HERE.

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