New album on Dumpster Score

"For Einer Nielsen"

I am very happy to announce this new album on the great label Dumpster Score! Two long pieces dedicated to a truly spiritual guy.

The label says:

[Andreas] brings us his newest full length dedicated to Einer Nielsen, who supposedly could talk with ghost and had the photos to prove it… Ever shifting waves of deep sub-bass, atonal drones, and heavy as fuck harsh loops interweave in a continuous mix of claustrophobic, bone crunching sound. Cascading junk metal onslaughts work their way in so slowly that before you know what happened your life has flashed before your eyes and your staring at your lifeless body lying on the other side of the room. With two tracks clocking in at over 40 minutes, this is a killer slab of dark and atmospheric noise!

Hand stamped high quality discs, with b/w artwork in vinyl sleeve. Artwork by Andrew Quitter. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies.

Visit Dumpster Score to check out sound samples, and many other great releases HERE.

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