Recommendations #1

I want to recommend some albums every now and then, so here’s a list of stuff that’s been on high rotation lately:

Rei Rea – “Allergy Bummer” CD-R
Gomeisa – “Temporal Death” CD-R
White Dog/Gomeisa – Split Tape
Ättestupa – “Att Korsa Den Flod…” Tape
Ossining/Afterlife — split Tape
Josh Lay – “True Mask” CD
Dead Reptile Shrine – “Burning Black Infinity” LP
N.Strahl.N – “Nachtstücke” CD
BT.HN – “Vitiated” LP
Vice Wears Black Hose – “Part 3” LP
Locrian – “Rain Of Ashes” CD
Seconds In Formaldehyde – “A Shiver In Red” LP
Källarbarnen – “Untitled” Tape

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