New release on Stunned!

Secrets Of the Snow

My latest release is a C43 tape on the amazing American label Stunned. It’s called “Secrets Of the Snow”, and here’s what the label says:

“A silhouetted form beckons us into the darkened forests of Norway, and we follow anyway, sensing that secrets may be revealed in the thawing undergrowth. Seed and larvae which were burrowed deep all winter respond to the warming of Earth’s crust, and before one knows it, the snow rescinds to sprouting greens & creeping things. Who lead us here? How did he know this would happen now? Questions only Andreas Brandal could immediately satisfy, and does just so, on his newest tape release proudly presented here. Since the early nineties, Brandal has orchestrated significant visions of both seasonal & dimensional shift in his soundcraft. Likewise, ‘Secrets of the Snow’ weaves a tableaux of wilderness abandonment, sentient mycelia, and complex drone-frequencies emitted via planetary groans. Capturing these rich, subtle intimations on tape comes only with the extensive focus and practice Andreas Brandal is suspected to have had in those groves of intrigue he coaxes from perennially. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c43 tapes with double-sided color jcard and insert.”

Visit Stunned, and check out all their wonderful stuff HERE. You won’t be disappointed!

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