New tape on Anathema Sound

Liber Null

"Liber Null"

Today the wonderful New York label Anathema Sound released “Liber Null”, a C29 tape.

In the words of Anathema:

Norway’s twilight traveler Andreas Brandal is a sound craftsman of the highest order, using anything and everything as his source material. Liber Null is his harrowing descent into total aural blackness inspired by occult rituals and chaos magic. Creaks of old furniture, hum of the wilderness, static from old cassettes—all of it is buried deep within a bubbling sonic stew that boils over with the slow burn of synth, guitar, and some of the most menacing trumpet drones you’ll ever hear. Listen close and repeatedly, if you dare, as bleak, new flourishes continue reveal themselves and the ancient spirits threaten to take you down even further. With full color artwork, inserts, and labels by Matt Yacoub.

Visit Anathema Sound, and check out all their great stuff HERE.

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