“Send In the Vultures”

Andreas Brandal - Send In the Vultures

"Send In the Vultures"

“Send In the Vutures” is out now on the UK label Scrape Tapes. The origins of this album stretch back to the recording sessions for “The Dead Station” which started in 2007. A muddy collection of noise, loops, drone and ambient.

From the label:
“Just like a pack of vultures picking apart a deceased carcuss, Brandal cuts loops and sounds to form collages of experimental yet highly stark noise that drifts into dark ambient territories. Send In The Vultures is a collection of four long pieces with layered assemblages of cut-up noise, drones, field recordings, feedback and tapeloops, with hints of ghostly apparations appearing through the cracks.”

Limited to a hand numbered edition of 100 copies. Labeled disc comes packaged in a black glossy card sleeve with pro-printed front and back covers, sealed in a plastic wallet.

Visit Scrape Tapes HERE.

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