“Jernvognen” out now on Tape Drift



My new full length album is called “Jernvognen”. It is available now from Tape Drift.

The label says:

(TD 23)  Andreas Brandal – “Jernvognen” cdr.

Established sound artist and drone/noise musician Andreas Brandal graces us with this release from deep in the heart of Norway.  Dark and ominous, with deep doom-laden bass tones, powerful drones, and beautiful hints of noise lurking in every corner.  Inspired by an old Norwegian crime/ghost story (translated to the “The Iron Wagon”), Brandal’s command here is staggering, displaying a control over each sound, and wrapping it all up with an organic feel and sustained attention to compositional dynamics throughout.  The immersive sounds are at turns soothing, frightening and probing, suggesting a journey into the abyss, but guided by the confident hands of a sheer master.

To visit Tape Drift, and check out this one, or any of their other wonderful releases, click HERE.

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