New Flesh



My latest release is a 3-inch CD-R by Flesh Coffin. The label says:

And so, the morgue – for those of us godless akin the purgatory, that sole one stop before a sleep forever. But consider those who inhabit such a place of transition – have done so since long before, and will do so long after. What comes of they who live evermore among the fleeting, those who shun finality? Such is the fate of the Leichendiener; his place is among what is unchanging yet unending; endless rows of corpses run underneath his caressing fingers – what comes of him? All unblooms, darkens, clouds over – and all that remains is static; lifeless, deathless, endless, loveless. Andreas Brandal captures brilliantly the Leichendiener in sound – crippled and crackling noise bursts unavoidably plunging towards a wall of static. Incredible.

Edition of 30; morgue-tastic shots from the Hei Tai Yang series.

Visit Hoarse Records HERE.

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