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10.05.09 – Tape on Myiasis

“Disturbance” is out now as a C39 tape on MYIASIS TAPES

14.02.09 – Two new releases

I am very proud to present these releases from two great US-labels. “The Familiar Stranger” is a full length CD-R from Small Doses, and “Blood Will Be Poured Out Into The Dust” is a C20 Tape from Phage Tapes. Visit the labels and read more here:

23.02.09 – New tape

My new C20 tape “Sad Punchline / Mystery Cliché” is out now on FAG TAPES

02.02.09 – Torture Gnosis out now!

This is the debut album by Torture Gnosis, a duo consisting of myself and Dave Obm. On this eponymous album you get a unique blend of True Sheffield Black Psychedelia, and experimental weirdness from the deep, cold woods of Norway. 10 tracks that offer all the creepy moods, weirdness and chaos you’d expect from such a collaboration.

The album is a split release between Twilight Luggage and UK-label Frequency Thirteen. It will be available in 2 different CD-R versions: An unlimited version in a plastic sleeve, and a digipak version with a different cover, limited to 50 copies. These are available from Frequency Thirteen. The album also comes as a free download available from Twilight Luggage.

30.10.08 – New release: “Blunt Force Trauma”

My new album “Blunt Force Trauma” is now available from Listen to Something Different Records.
It comes in a slim mini DVD-case and includes a sticker.
Click HERE to visit the label and order.

02.09.08 – New release: “Insects”

My new album “Insects” is now available in two versions:

The CD-R version comes enclosed in a frame, with an original drawing by me, signed and numbered. This version contains 7 tracks, and is limited to 21 copies.

The MP3 version contains 6 tracks (the 15 minute track “The Two Injuries” is omitted from the MP3-version). It is free to download, with high quality MP3’s and artwork.

Read more, and order or download at Twilight Luggage

29.07.08 – Drawings

I have made a new page for my drawings and visual projects. It can be found HERE

10.06.08 – New Lupus Golem EP

A new EP from Lupus Golem titled “Minotaure”, is now released on Twilight Luggage. You can download it for free HERE

14.05.08 – New release: “Gothic Wrench”

My new album “Gothic Wrench” is now out on the German net-label Format Noise. Download the album for free HERE

19.04.08 – KRAFFT-album released

The debut album from KRAFFT, my duo with Janne Waage Berset, is now released as a free downloadable MP3-album. Get it HERE

01.04.08 – Out now!

Both my new album, “This Is Not For You”, and the debut album from Lupus Golem are out now!

19.03.08 – New releases!

The first album by Lupus Golem will be released on April 1. Pre-order “Persuaded By the Man Who Ate the Phoenix” from Twilight Luggage. My new solo-album “This Is Not For You” will be released on Eh? (sub-label of Public Eyesore) later this month.

14.01.08 – New release: “The Dead Station”

My new album, “The Dead Station”, is now available from Twilight Luggage. Read more and download here

28.08.07 – Live @ Robot

An MP3 with about 6 minutes from the Larmoyant-concert at Robot is now available here.
Thanks to those who came!

28.07.07 – Larmoyant concert

On saturday 18.08.07 me and Jarle Nordvik will play at Robotbutikken in Bergen.
This will be the first Larmoyant-gig since 2000.

02.01.07 – New release: “Little Three”

My next release will be a 3-inch CD on the Hong Kong label Lona Records.
It is titled “Little Three” and will be available from january 5th.

Visit Lona on MySpace here.

04.11.06 – New drawings section

A new drawings section has now been added, and the menu has been updated with a direct link to the gallery.

04.11.06 – New Latecutter track

A brand new Latecutter track has been added. You can find it here.

08.08.06 – Larmoyant on MySpace

Check out some good old Larmoyant-tracks on our new MySpace page.

17.07.06 – “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” Out now!

The compilation CD “Million Ways To Spend Your Time” is out now on Quasi Pop.
Short samples of every track available here.
You can buy it here.

20.06.06 – Million Ways To Spend Your Time

Quasi Pop celebrates its 5 year anniversary with the release of a compilation album called “Million Ways To Spend Your Time”. Among the contributions are brand new tracks from Continental Fruit, Batcheeba (Janne W. Berset, KRAFFT), and myself. The CD will also include the first new track in 10 years from Monofilament!

Stay tuned for information about release dates and parties!
More about the release here.

15.05.06 – reviews “Drive Home With a Hammer”.

My latest album gets 4 out of 7 at the Norwegian music-site Musikkguiden Groove. Read it here.

15.05.06 – KRAFFT on Myspace.

Check out some of KRAFFT’s recent studio-work on MySpace.

20.02.06 – KRAFFT-page & MP3 added

A new page with info, pictures and sound from the new project KRAFFT has been added in the “other projects” section.

02.02.06 – Concert at Hulen, Bergen.

KRAFFT (Andreas Brandal & Janne W. Berset) will perform live at Hulen, Bergen on friday 17. february.

29.01.06 – Exclusive new track added.

An MP3 of the new track “Thanotourism” is added in the sounds-section.

29.12.05 – Monofilament web site revived

Espen Eide has miraculously managed to raise the old Monofilament web-page from the dead. Check it out in the Monofilament-section under “other projects”.

26.12.05 – Web site on-line is up and running.

01.12.05 – Drive Home With A Hammer released

The CD Drive Home With A Hammer is released on Quasi Pop Records

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